Spoken Hand, composed of Afro/Cuban bata, North Indian tabla, Brazilian samba and West African djembe batteries, is noted for its wide scope of educational offerings. Education is an integral aspect of our mission, and we regularly present workshops in conjunction with our concerts. Over the past three years, we have conducted over fifty workshops at universities, high schools, elementary schools and community centers.

The following is a sample of our regular offerings:

Full Ensemble: Brief performance followed by an informative presentation which includes historical/cultural context and instrumental demonstrations from each of our four batteries. A question/answer session will conclude this workshop.

Individual Batterie: This is an interactive workshop that offers participants the opportunity to bring their own drums and work with any of our four batteries. This more intimate environment provides interplay and a greater depth of information about each tradition.

Master Class/Clinic: A more advanced presentation by individual batteries is offered for percussion students and performers.

We can also tailor our educational activities to fit your specific needs.